What are the benefits of a certified qualification in project management ?

If you have any experience of project management, you will know what an advantage it is for your team to share a common language. PRINCE2® provides that language which means you can eliminate misunderstandings which cause delays and cost money.

So, what are the main advantages of holding a qualification in project management which is international and highly recognised with over 1 million certified.

Although PRINCE2 has its origins in the massive IT projects set in train by the privatisation of British Telecom in the late 1980s, after undergoing a major adaptation in 1996 and again in 2009 it is now widely used across the private and non-profit sectors in small and large projects, reaching far beyond its original technology focus. It is a truly international methodology – exams are available in 18 languages – and over 1,000,000 project managers around the world have sat the exam. Bizness Academie offers the exam in English, French, Dutch and German.

Who ensures that Bizness Academie provides excellent PRINCE2 training?

 The certification and examination scheme run by APMG International ensures that we provide you with a quality training experience.  APMG is the body responsible for setting exam questions, marking exam papers and awarding certificates. They maintain a consistent quality standard worldwide ensuring that all PRINCE2 Project Managers share a similar level of knowledge.

As well as managing the exam process, APMG also accredits training organisations such as Bizness Academie who are authorised to deliver PRINCE2 training. Their accreditation process is well known for its rigour and accredited organisations are revisited regularly by independent assessors to ensure that they meet the required standards on an ongoing basis.

APMG’s accreditation process is in three parts. They send an independent assessor to us who will examine our trainers, our management systems and our course material. We need to demonstrate that we employ qualified, knowledgeable and experienced trainers, clear and comprehensive training material and that we have a quality internal management system that allows us to ensure all of our trainees receive exemplary service from the first point of contact to our post-exam follow up.

While PRINCE2 may be among the best known project management tools, APMG also provides training schemes for professionals looking for new ways to deliver value across the whole of their business.

OBASHI® for example helps you build the “big picture” of your business and “join the dots” of your people, processes and technology. It enables you to can fully understand the inter-connectivity of your business DNA and the critical data-flows that run through it.  With OBASHI you can manage change, risk, costs, data, performance and the bottom line more effectively.

CHAMPS2®, pioneered by large UK local government authority, is a vision led, benefits driven business transformation method which is broad in scope and encompasses the whole business change journey. It helps you define your organisation’s strategic needs and then provides a tailored route to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved.

Bizness Academie is proud to be the first French ATO accredited to deliver both OBASHI and CHAMPS2 training courses.

We’ll be publishing more articles in the coming months about how these methods can help your business grow.

Carla Higham