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    Our Approach to Training

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We get results.

We have a no-nonsense training approach and we go directly to the point. We therefore gain time and can offer the Foundation training as a 2 day course plus the exam on a third day. Our Practitioner training is a 2 days course with the exam on a third day.

We also believe that experience has a high value within a training and that is why all our trainers have a solid experience of the method they teach.

We have carefully calculated our prices to offer you excellent value for money. Unlike many other training suppliers we do not use intermediaries to find our trainers which enables us to reduce our cost which is passed on to you as a user. As a matter of fact, we only work with trainers we know and trust, even if it means not delivering all the trainings requested by our customers. We prefer to focus on the quality of our delivery and comply with the high expectations you get from us.

We strongly believe there is no reason to pay more for your trainings.

Our Deal with You

We will ensure you are fully prepared to pass the exams successfully and guide you in your first steps of using the method in a real world environment.

We will offer you a great value for money for the trainings you book and good support throughout your training experience with us.

In return we expect that you prepare before the training using our pre-course material and that you clear all your financial obligations with us before the training.

APMG Warning

As you are thinking of taking a training course APMG strongly recommends that any training you receive is through an ATO (Accredited Training Organisation).

Only ATOs and their authorised affiliates have licenses to offer training courses that incorporate official AXELOS Limited trademarks, brands and copyright material.

ATOs have been fully accredited by APM Group. The accreditation process involves a rigorous assessment of the organisation’s management systems, course materials and trainers, assuring the quality of training provided.

Bizness Academie is an ATO and as such is authorised to deliver training courses leading to the official examinations.

PRINCE2® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited.

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