How to become AGILE
Gain value on the market

without losing billable hours!

John Higham - Agility Trainer and Coach

How do you get fully certified in Agile and increase your value in this extremely competitive market without having to sacrifice your precious billable time?

That's a question I've been pondering on for a long time because so many of my participants to my live classroom courses always need to find the right balance between adding knowledge and experience with having to work to earn their income.

That's a big problem!

Another is that traditional eLearning courses, and yes you can get those from 12-37€, do not enable you to experience what Agile is really about.
You flick the slides, listen to a series of videos, but you do not LIVE the course and by doing so you do not INTEGRATE the reflexes you need to acquire to be able to APPLY the concepts and genuinely BECOME Agile.

Because here is the truth about Agile, which I find really strange that only a few experts will tell you :
Agile is not a method!

It is an attitude, 

it is a series of behaviours, 

a way of being in your project.

Now, don't get me wrong, some methods are agile based, like SCRUM, Kanban or AgilePM which is what I base my courses on.

You can listen to all the blurb around Agile, you can read all the books, you can follow all the eLearning courses you want, you still need to EXPERIENCE Agile to really become a master at it.

Now, here's the deal!

I've been thinking about the best way to share my knowledge

and experience of Agile for a long time.

I've been Agile before it was even called Agile. I'll tell you all about that when I see you on the course.

I know what you need to know to be able to apply these simple concepts and make them REAL in your projects.

So I've come up with a LIVE course, in a short 2 days format where I give you all the shortcuts you need to know so that you can APPLY this quickly.

To make sure you can try things out during the LIVE course, 
I split the sessions over 2 full days, done and dusted. 
It's only 6 hours per day and only 12 hours in all...

These twelve hours can make a real difference to the way you approach your projects.

Obviously, you will only get results if you do something with it. 
I can't manage your projects for you, well I could but I won't!

By following my course in this way, you don't have to be stuck for hours on end on a eLearning or video course with no interaction
because you have access to me during my LIVE coaching sessions, you can also start practising what you have uncovered so that we can share your results in the next session.

Nothing beats DOING IT to learn a new set of skills.

Also, you won't waste time stuck in traffic. That's another huge pain I wanted to solve. So much time is wasted when we can simply work and learn from our own desks.
It makes the whole experience so much easier.

So, here is what you get :

  • check
    ​a LIVE course with me answering your questions
  • check
    ​you take the course at your own desk, no need to travel
  • check
    ​4 sessions of hands-on experience to really become agile
  • check
    split over 2 days so that you can learn quickly
  • check
    ​efficient use of your time and no lost time in traffic
  • check
    you remain billable and do not lose precious hours with your clients
  • check
    the option to take your certification exam when you are ready
  • check
    ​access to our online material
  • check
    ​access to our explanation videos
  • check
    ​access to the PM Tribe so you can share experience with your peers

And here is what you can do next.

If you feel this approach is something for you simply see when my next course is. BTW, don't bother if you don't want to actually gain some valuable knowledge and experience.

However, if this is something that will bring you real value to the way you manage your projects, join me on my next course.

I don't do these courses very often and they are NOT recorded so you have to be there.

Remember this is a LIVE course, not a recording and I am there to help you and guide you and you can ask questions on the spot.

Check the dates, book your space (this fills up quickly because I keep the numbers of attendees low so we can keep the quality of our interaction high)!

I'll see you on the course.

When you book now,
you also get on a ​25 minute coaching call with me AFTER your course, 

which will help you in the first steps with Agile so you become quickly productive.

One more thing! If you need another time slot because of your time zone, let me now. I'll sort it out!

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