Learning is not a commodity

Select wisely you want to guide you on your path to growth.

You see, studying is dead. Doing is the new learning.

There is no better way to acquire new knowledge and improve your skills than by doing it.

You can follow a coach, you can follow a course, you can study to pass an exam, but nothing will get you to be more skilled than doing what you have decided to go for.

Samples, stories, examples, dare I say it “templates” can guide you along the way, but only applying correctly what you are learning will make you you want to be.

Sure, you can buy a course in a box. They are really cheap nowadays.

Let’s face it, your attention to it will be in proportion to the price you have paid for it. And most likely, if your boss is paying for it, you won’t pay attention to it at all.

As a result, you won’t learn anything, besides a couple of hints and tips here and there. And that’s fine, there is a market for that but it is not one I am prepared to serve. I want you to earn your wings, get the results you want and achieve your full potential.

And I get if you are a freelancer you need a certification as proof that you know your topic. It will confirm that you can pass an exam. Nothing more.

How do you demonstrate that you can use and apply the knowledge you have acquired appropriately based on the particular circumstances of your clients, of your employer, of the industry and likely based on the culture of the organisation you are now a part of.

It’s all about adapting to your world. That is the key skill you need to learn. That cannot be taught in a classroom or by following slides by yourself on a screen (however exciting, expressive and story loaded they are).

Self-study is probably the least efficient way to acquire new knowledge and skills. Mostly because you will be juggling other tasks at the same time. Listening to your course on one screen whilst sorting out a client’s problem on another. You know exactly what I mean!

You need focus and attention. You need dedication. You need to be present and have the strong desire to grow, not just to be able to tick boxes at an exam.

There is another huge problem we need to solve together.

Time is our most precious asset. Wasting it in travel is such a shame.

The technology is there to allow us to be physically present, with the necessary full attention and yet learn remotely whilst having the same if a not higher level of results.

OK, I hear you, it’s nice to be out of the office and it’s pleasant to be with people face to face and talk. Nothing beat social interaction. That’s true. But how much more are you (or your boss for that matter) prepared to pay for that?

Finding the right medium to learn, finding the right tone, the right teacher is key to enable you, no, empower you to become who you really want to be.

Don’t leave your future in other people’s hands, take charge of what you want to achieve. Be inspired to grow beyond what you never thought you could ever be.

There is a better way to increase your performance.

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John Higham

John helps organisations blend Best Practices in their management systems to improve the way Portfolio of Change Initiatives are run.