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As a PRINCE2 Professional, I help individuals and organisations to change by the use of Best Practices so that they can increase the performance of their projects and programmes.

To do so, I use internationally recognised methods such as PRINCE2, Agile, SCRUM, CHAMPS2 and MoP.

I also assess organisations to rank their capability and maturity with P3M3.

What is PRINCE2

PRINCE2 is a de facto international standard for Project Management based on the vast experience of a large base of users worldwide.

It is an acronym which stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments and recommends to have a controlled Start, a controlled Progress and a controlled End to any project.

A project is any investment made by an organisation which brings some form of change.

be agile - Use SCRUM

You do not do Agile, you are Agile.

It is an attitude, a behaviour, a style of management which, amongst many other things looks at EMBRACING CHANGE.

Most projects benefit from this approach as it enables the organisation to achieve benefits early and build on that success to move to a further step.

The agile concepts are very approachable, easy to understand and to learn.
Applying it correctly can take years of practice.

We can however put you on the right tracks quickly and help you go forward.


What a great method CHAMPS2 is. It stands for CHAnge Management in the Public and Private Sectors.

It is a smart blend of PRINCE2 (for projects) and MSP (for programmes).

Being Vision led and Benefit driven, it focuses on the essential needs of any organisation which is on a journey for deep transformation.

The way it has been conceived enables it to be adapted to the size and complexity of the project or programme.

It can therefore also serve for the small project up to the very large transformation programme.

Whatever industry you are in, whatever size of your projects or programmes, someone is bound to pay for the investment in a better future for the organisation.

How do we assess and validate that the approved budget is the most appropriate at that moment in time?

How can we gauge if that investment will achieve the highest level of benefit for the organisation?

MoP or Management of Portfolio enables you to answer those questions and to find the right balance between changing the business and running the business.

Know where you are
Define where you want to go

How does your organisation measure up against its competitors or even simply in relation to companies similar to yours?

P3M3, which stands for Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model enables you to define how you rank against an international standard.

The audit is method agnostic which means that it does not define you ranking against a specified method but compares your performance to best practices.

Our audits, observations and recommendations often serve as an objective starting point for an improvement programme the objective of which is your increased level of competence and performance.

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