I do not think I've ever talked about the event "A solid Start with Agile."

I was pretty excited when I went. On the one hand, I had not seen John Higham since my PRINCE2 practitioner, but he made a strong impression on me.
On the other hand, a networking of a seminar on the theme of Agility is a good idea.

Since Agility is more than a methodological approach, it is always a good idea to exchange ideas with your peers in order to enrich your personal vision.

On arrival, I met Ludivine Gustave, the second speaker of this evening.
The reception was warm and after the usual presentations, the seminar began.

The idea is not to give you a detailed explanation of the reasons and techniques to manage a project with Agility rather than Cascade from the beginning of the project.
This deserves one, or even several articles.

I will instead give you my opinion following the discussions and exercises (the practice being present during the evening.)

Agility is a real challenge for companies.​

It is evident that cascading methods have shown their limitations in many cases. But beyond the technique and the tools, it is a state of mind that must integrate in the culture of our teams. Only the prioritization exercise with MoSCoW has demonstrated how difficult it is to arbitrate to agree to define a variable perimeter.

The seminar, as well as the networking that followed, makes absolute sense in this approach. You can read, train and even apply Agility daily ... you are never quite Agile. You are in one of the iterations on your path to Agility. You and your environment will set priorities in order to keep moving forward in your practice. And this kind of exchange is one of them, essential, to open and inspire.

And you ? On your path to Agility, what will be your next increment?

John Higham

John helps organisations blend Best Practices in their management systems to improve the way Portfolio of Change Initiatives are run.