The implementation’s objective is to build all designed products, to successfully implement them in organizational procedures and tools, and to transfer the implemented solution to the operation. We strive to present the kind of competence that makes sure the solution’s implementation unfolds the intended effect and achieves the objectives that the design aimed for.

This phase is characterized by activities for choosing suitable tools, assistance in the configuration of tools and rollout of the solution, testing and quality assurance of the solution as well as training for responsible managers, employees, and users. Our consultants are trained and certified regarding the applied methodologies and have gained extensive experience in consultancy projects at their command.

During the implementation phase best-practice innovations focuses on services, processes, customers, costs, consumption, risks, sourcing, and contractual obligations of IT organizations and shared service centers.

Depending on the objective and focus, we use different methodologies and procedures. Follow the links in the list below in order to receive more information about the procedures that we often use in our consulting projects:

  • Tool selection
  • Process rollout
  • Quality assurance
  • Training on the job