What is Project Assurance

People in charge of projects, those whose budget is used to pay for the project, are by definition “Busy People”.

They do not necessarily have the time to follow on a daily basis what goes on in the project and they rely on the reporting of the Project Manager to be informed of progress.

And that is fine for as long as the Project Manager is open and transparent about the project and, particularly, if all is going to plan.

But what happens when a project deviates for any reason and when the Project Manager wants to correct a situation by her or himself. 
What are the consequences of such corrections on other projects, known or unknown to the Project Manager? 
Are there other risks created as a result of those corrections?
Are we certain that there are no other underlying issues which are not fully disclosed?

That is when Project Assurance comes in. It is an internal audit of the project if you will, done as objectively as possible and ideally by an external person who is not involved or impacted by the outcome of the audit.

Such a Project Assurance demands skill, experience, practice and tact. 

Not only will Project Assurance help the Project Board, and the Executive of the project in particular, understand what really goes on in the project but it can also be helpful and supportive for the Project Manager as a way to :

  • identify problems before they arrive,
  • analyse risks and responses to risks, 
  • verify that the appropriate quality measures are in place,
  • check if the planning is respected and what measures are taken if there are any delays,
  • and so much more…

It is also a great opportunity to discuss improvements with the Project Manager and Team Manager.

Let us know if you would find value in such an approach.
We will gladly help and assist you with Project Assurance for your Portfolio of Programmes and Projects.

Training is a first step and we will ensure you find your way in the World of Best Practices and guide you in your first steps using the method in real projects without which knowledge has no value.
As experienced users of the method we strongly believe in the value of Coaching.

Finding your way with a new skill is often uncomfortable and new Practitioners find themselves with a great toolbox filled by a powerful set of concepts.
The truth is that deploying this full set of any method, let it be PRINCE2, MSP, CHAMPS2, MoP or any Agile approach, the very first time can be perceived as daunting and cumbersome.

We will guide you in your first steps when deploying the appropriate method(s) in your own environment.
Simply ask us and we will define the best approach to apply the method appropriately with your projects.

If you have any questions regarding this topic or if you want to book a coaching session with us do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to working with you on your change initiatives.

The AZYBAO team.

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How can we help you get started?

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