Business Owners
MUST manage their own projects!

Life is all about change. There is no way around it and it has to be managed.

Projects are the way to bring change to your organisation.

Let us not kid ourselves, projects cost money and time. And I can guarantee you one thing, money and time will be spent.

If you don’t follow up carefully you will go over budget and time without realising it until it is too late for you to correct the situation. Which is a great shame as it could be avoided by following simple rules.

First things first, as a business owner or budget owner it is YOUR money which is being spent. It is your duty to follow up on it. Obviously, I clearly understand that you have other priorities like running the business and ensuring your customers remain happy and keep ordering. There is a fine balance to find the running of your business and managing new projects to create new value for your business.

The main problem is that you have no time to follow on every single aspect of your new project. That’s where a project manager comes in. (S)he can keep track of things on your behalf, work with teams and workers to get things done within budget, cost, scope and quality. A project manager can also keep you informed of progress and let you know when major problems arise so you can make a decision on the direction to take.

But here is the key thing, a project manager may be responsible but cannot, by the nature of it, be accountable for the success or failure of a project.

You can blame a project manager if things go wrong but it is still YOUR money which goes down the drain…

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John Higham

John helps organisations blend Best Practices in their management systems to improve the way Portfolio of Change Initiatives are run.