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Business Owners MUST manage their own projects!
Business OwnersMUST manage their own projects!Life is all about change. There is no way around it and it has to[...]
Learning is not a commodity
Learning is not a commodity Select wisely you want to guide you on your path to growth.You see, studying is[...]
2018 – The Year of Project Managers
2018 – The Year of Project Managers 2018 is the year where Project Managers will make a difference in organisations.[...]
Templates are out – Models are in
Can you please send me the Templates?How often have I heard this question which hurts me every time I hear[...]
Yes! PRINCE2 is still relevant today with agile.
YES! PRINCE2 IS STILL RELEVANT TODAY WITH AGILE.Is PRINCE2 outdated?PRINCE2 is a living method of project management, in constant evolution[...]
Who’s paying ?
So You Have An ExecutiveThe Executive is the owner of a project. The one individual who is supposed to pay for[...]
I was at the event “A solid Start with Agile.”
I WAS AT THE EVENT “A SOLID START WITH AGILE.” I do not think I've ever talked about the event[...]
No need to be supersticious nor worried
This was the first time we had to use a room on the 13th Floor for a group of 12[...]
Fail Fast to speed up quality with Lean Startup
FAIL FAST TO SPEED UP QUALITY WITH LEAN STARTUPAccording to Lean Startup, the easiest way to progress is to fail[...]