A short PRINCE2 history

Start THE PRINCE2 HISTORY Module The Journey from PROMPT to PRINCE2PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that came from the UK originally. The PRINCE2 history started with former IBM project managers who created a basic method based on their own experience. It came out in 1975 and was called PROMPT which stands for Projects Resource […]

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2018 – The Year of Project Managers

2018 is the year where Project Managers will make a difference in organisations.​The article below from CIO relates to the salaries of project managers and how they evolve in relation to experience and certifications earned. It also states how the need for project managers will grow over the coming decade. It also states the following interesting […]

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Christmas greetings 2017

What a year…This year has certainly been bizarre in many ways…Bringing a lot of disruptions and uncertainties to many and reshuffling the cards in all directions.People seek stability and comfort both of which have been challenged in many ways.There is a need to create a new stability and redefining the comfort zones from which a […]

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Yes! PRINCE2 is still relevant today with agile.

Is PRINCE2 outdated?PRINCE2 is a living method of project management, in constant evolution as it happens.​Its continuous development is done by its owners (currently AXELOS) with the devoted support of its users.+Although originally developed for the IT industry (see history here), it has evolved to become a flexible and universally appreciated and recognised worldwide method.With […]

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Who’s paying ?

So You Have An ExecutiveThe Executive is the owner of a project. The one individual who is supposed to pay for the cost of the project or at least ensure the funds are made available to pay for those costs.(S)he will ultimately be accountable for the success of a project.There are FOUR criteria suggested by PRINCE2 […]

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