Let Others talk about us

It is a real pleasure to share our courses with candidates 
and we hope you will enjoy them too.

Sharing an experience with others is important so that you too can benefit from our expertise and passion for what we teach and apply?

John is a very good PRINCE2 trainer. He has a large professional experience giving enough examples to illustrate all the aspects of a PRINCE2 project.

Renée Lövi

John has a deep knowledge of project/programme management techniques combined with a solid experience as practitioner, and a good sense of humour. As PRINCE2 expert, John successfully trained quite a lot of project managers in my company. Working with him is always a pleasure.

Thierry Vanden Broeck

I appreciated much how the training course’s content was tailor-made to the professional profiles and needs of the participants, permitting them to learn the PRINCE2 method in the most efficient way.
I look forward to embedding the method appropriately in a real project environment of the agency where I’m in charge of the digital communication activities for luxury brands.

Alisa Zolotuhina Digital Communication Project Manager

Attending the Prince2 foundation and practitioner training of John was inspiring. John’s knowledge and way of teaching makes it very pleasant to follow and understand the training.

Bart Gielen

John has provided me high value PRINCE2 foundations and practitioner trainings. In my role of PMO.
I have recommended John's training for all our Project Managers.
His expertise on PRINCE2 and ability to pragmatically transfer his know-how are 100% appreciated by all our PMs trained by him so far.
Our PMs prefer waiting for John's availability and get the opportunity to be trained by him rather that taking the risk to be trained earlier by another expert, although other trainers are highly recommended by the training institute.
John is the guarantee for a successful implementation of PRINCE2 projects.

Emmanuelle Leroy Responsible for training

John was my trainer for a PRINCE2 Foundation course. He explained the course material in a very clear and understandable way. All questions were clearly answered. The way he masters and teaches PRINCE2 proves that he has many years of practical experience in this domain.

Filip Daelman Head of IT, EFTA - European Free Trade Association

I would recommend this training to anybody willing to take the advantage to become PRINCE2 practitioner in one week, provided he will spend the required effort and time to study, as this training will boost his chances to succeed and apply this methodology in his day-to-day Project manager (and even private) live.

Dominique Bauduin Freelance Project Manager

Suivre la formation PRINCE2 à la Bizness Académie nous a donné le plaisir de rencontrer un formidable pédagogue (John Higham), qui, de bout en bout, vous tient en haleine, ponctuant les concepts théoriques de nombreux cas pratiques. Certes, les deux jours du Fondamental sont intenses, mais ils suffisent à couvrir la totalité de la matière à un rythme confortable, tout en veillant à en synthétiser les idées maîtresses, afin de préparer les candidats à l'examen certifiant. Dans ces conditions, que dire à part "quel plaisir d'apprendre" ! A bientôt pour d'autres formations...

Axel Van Biesbroeck

Being active and highly interested in the field of Change Management, I must say that the comprehensive content of the course as well as the experience of the teacher made the training accessible and lively.
I need to add that the green and quiet training premises and the enthusiastic welcome of John and Carla made the training experience even more enjoyable.

Thomas Loward