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You can register for one of our course directly from our site on our “Upcoming courses” page.

If you have any questions before your registration do not hesitate to ask by email using the form at the bottom of this page or by calling us.

Our phone number in Belgium is 02 888 22 00
That is our core business. Most of our courses are given at our customers premises.

If you would like to know more do not hesitate to contact us using the form below and we will help you organize the course to best fit your requirements.

You may also call us :
In Belgium on +32 (0)2 888 22 00
Following your registration to one of our courses, we will send you a preparation pack in which you will find everything you need to prepare for your course.

Everything will be explained and all the information you will need to understand the method will be given to you.

This preparation is an essential part of your success and should not be neglected.
YES. We have given this course in many different formats over the last 10 years and we have taken the best of what REALLY works to get the results you expect.

TWO days course plus the exam on a third day is the most efficient formula to PASS your Foundation exam AND to be able to understand the method so you can APPLY it IMMEDIATELY in real projects.

Nothing stops you from following one of our courses without taking the exam. However, it is good to know that all our courses lead to the certification and that the whole aim of our courses is to obtain the related certificate.

Next to our certification courses, we also offer introduction sessions for the methods we teach.
These sessions do not lead to the certification and there are no exam.

These sessions are mostly given in-house but depending on demand it is also possible to organise them as an open course.
azybao by Bizness Academie is an Accredited Training Organisation and is authorised to deliver courses which lead to an official exam. However, we are not an Exam Institute and we are therefor not authorised to organise exams without a course.

You may check here where exams can be taken if you want to present yourself at an exam as a candidate.

There are major advantages to being supported during your preparation time and we would gladly accompany you in your preparation so that you not only pass your exam but are able to apply the method correctly.
Let me first reassure you that that is very very rare.

It goes without saying that you must pass your exam in order to obtain the certificate. We do not however want that to be an obstacle or a worry for you.

From our experience, we know that you will pass your exam without difficulty.

Our trainers are there to help and guide you in all your work and exercises to ensure your success.
We also know that you are totally dedicated to the course.

In fact, thanks to our approach, our pass rate is one of the highest on the market.
That is why we give you an exam guarantee, it’s that simple.

If despite all your efforts, you do not pass your exam on your first attempt, we will allow you to retake a complete FREE course and give you to retake your exam within the 6 months following your first training.

You only pay the cost of your exam.

We believe we cannot do better than that to reassure you.
John is an experienced PRINCE2 User (since 1996), Practitioner, turned examiner and assessor then trainer.

John is the first to achieve the PRINCE2® Professional certification in France and Belgium.
He is also a registered MSP® and Managing Benefits Practitioner and a PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, Agile PM, MoP®, CHAMPS2®, Better Business Cases and OBASHI® approved trainer.

John has been involved in projects since 1989 and has had the opportunity to deal with large and complex programmes mainly in the Internet world.

Now, John focuses on helping organisations set up their PRINCE2 environment and guides their staff on the way to certification and use of the method.

Despite his english name, John is both a french and english native speaker and is also fluent in dutch. He can deliver trainings in those 3 languages.

His view is that training only has value if the knowledge acquired is applied appropriately within the organisation.

Get to know John here

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