2018 – The Year of Project Managers

2018 is the year where Project Managers will make a difference in organisations.

The article below from CIO relates to the salaries of project managers and how they evolve in relation to experience and certifications earned. It also states how the need for project managers will grow over the coming decade. 

It also states the following interesting observation : "Organizations are increasingly relying on project management professionals to implement strategic initiatives, drive change and deliver on innovation."

Well, that's a start or should I say a return back to common sense. A trend in the early 2000 was to get rid of PMs and let managers manage their own projects - as a cost-cutting exercise you understand...

Evidence shows that teams need to manage their projects, managers must lead, direct, guide, inspire and empower teams to deliver assets which enable value to the organisation.

Obviously project management styles have evolved and will continue to evolve as achievements reveal the approaches which bring the best results to the bottomline - best being relative to what is being sought.

I claim to you that a project manager is an extension of a client, a business owner, someone who pays for the project, the budget owner if you will.

The main reason why a project manager is involved is because that budget owner has no time to be committed daily on the project. That essential role therefore needs to always defend the corner of the client, always be on that side of the fence, always understand what is best for the bottom line and what will yield the best results for the organisation.

The art of project management is to communicate that need to a team who will deliver the necessary outputs which will maximise the benefits to the organisation. The art is to inspire teams to deliver and let them get on with it. Follow up, guide, steer, tweak, adjust, step by step, try things out, test, validate the response of users and customers. Oh! and also get rid of all unnecessary distractions to the core objectives being sought.

I often see the project manager of today as the CIO of tomorrow or even as the owner of a startup. I see them grow into that role over time. They develop their skills as leaders, as entrepreneurs, as growth catalysts for themselves or for others.

In what function do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What inspires you to grow?


John Higham

John helps organisations blend Best Practices in their management systems to improve the way Portfolio of Change Initiatives are run.