When a knowledge course just won't do!

Self-study is hard. It can be done and you may pass an exam to get you certified. 
It doesn't guarantee successful achievements in your projects though.
Learning to pass an exam is one thing but applying a method to achieve real results is another.

First, you get the basics right by understanding a method.
We do this by step-by-step modules so you can learn as you go with solid practical exercises. 

The best way to learn a method is to apply it to a real case and see how concepts make sense in the real world in real projects. 
We are with you along the way.

We mentor, guide and help you

to implement and apply project and programme management methods into your own organisation.

Get access to direct support with our community!

Let's not kid ourselves! First step is to learn, then see how to apply. Then you can practise and see how others use methods
to better manage their projects and programmes.

Three Steps to make a difference

​To grow, you will not make the economy of these fundamental steps.


First things first, ​become a master of your subject. Be it project management, programme management, portfolio management or even change management.

Without a solid understanding of the underlying principles, logic and structure of the subject it will take a lot longer to develop ​your skills.


Learning a new skill, ​ex​panding knowledge or even developing a new way of doing your job takes commitment and practice.

There is a shortcut which will gain you a lot of time. Working with experts who have done it and have learnt over the years what will take you much less time to acquire.


​When you need a deeper understanding of a segment of your subject, when a problem needs to be solved quickly, when you need someone to talk to and bounce ideas with - in total confidence and full discretion.

Either as a one-off or on a regular basis, we are there to share our expertise and guide you in the right direction.

Stop studying - Start learning

You can swot as much as you want, only practice makes perfect.

We have demonstrated over the years that there is only one way to learn a new skill.

It is by doing it. 

That had lead us to transform the way we instill our participants to apply methods by experiencing them.

This enables them to put in place the appropriate systems which will lead to fast results.

Whatever your level, you learn by doing

Our active learning helps thousands to quickly put in practice the methods we teach. In fact, we go far beyond the methods!

We identify the most effective to get results for you.

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